CIM Ventures

We review thousands of companies each year in our process of curating the world’s most important conferences and events.

Our team interviews management teams, reviews their technology, examines their business plans, and evaluates their go-to-market strategy.

We Find Leaders of Innovative Companies

Every year we meet brilliant innovators who are leading the companies that will power the 4th Industrial Revolution. We know the teams developing the materials—such as graphene—that will power wearables, building design, data centers, and much more.

We Connect These Companies

We find that many of the technical innovators in AI, voice technology, IOT, and robotics need help and the skills to communicate their ideas and the commercial applications of their creations.

We have a unique value position for venture investors in that we have no investment or financial interest in any of the companies that we evaluate and recommend to our clients.


Business Plan Analysis

Evaluation of Technologies and Teams

Identification of Strategic Start-ups

Venture Investing Advisory



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