CIM Events

Today’s executives must understand the impact that rapidly changing technologies have on their organizations, their markets, and the consumers they serve.

CIM Events are designed so that company leaders can cut through the clutter and focus on what matters most––the key trends and consumer shifts affecting business today. Our team of world-class thought leaders will guide you through this and future periods of rapid change, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on building and growing your own business.

Custom Curated Experience

Custom Curated Experience is a proven technique for helping organizations adapt to changing global trends. We take your existing business objectives and translate them into new technologies so that you can innovate and stay ahead of ever-changing consumer expectations. Our clients report that attending one of our Custom Curated Events puts them four months ahead in their business development.

Future Connect

Future Connect is a one-day preconference networking summit designed to introduce you and your colleagues to the future of your industry. We bring to you the most forward-looking thinkers in your industry to reveal its coming challenges and provide you with the connections you need to move your business ahead.

FutureConnect: AI
February 24, 2019

FutureConnect: Fashion
September 5, 2019
New York City


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